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With the 3D-scanner from Artec you can scan a face, a limb, or a complete human body, but also digitalize technical, archaeological and art objects accurately.

Make 3D-models with 3D-scanner and VX CAD/CAM

These technical or organic forms can be copied quickly in any desired material. Edwin Rappard from 4C tells you about it.

«We are always on the lookout for complete 3D solutions for our clients, which are easy to use and yet still affordable. And once again we have done this with the Artec 3D-scanner. This equipment opens p the way to many opportunities and markets, such as among other orthopedic applications." So says Edwin Rappard, Director of 4C Creative Cad Cam Consultants in Emmen. «The Artec 3D-Scanner is a D video camera which makes every frame a 3D image. The scanning process is very simple: by walking around the model to be scanned with the hand-held3D-camera, or turning the object in front of the camera, 3D images are captured from different angles. These are automatically coupled with the accompanying software, so that a single high-resolution mesh is produced. The result is an accurate digital copy of the original," explains Rappard.

Without ‘markers’ With many other scanners it is necessary to place stickers (markers) on the body or the object, which the scanner uses as reference for different shots. This is not necessary with the Broadway scanner; just set up the camera and the object, and get started. The first exposure serves as a reference for the second exposure, and this in turn becomes the reference for the third, etc. Point and shoot, and that’s it. With a speed of up to a maximum of 1.5 million pixels per second, the Broadway scanner is very fast in comparison with laser-scanners, and this with a higher resolution (max. 0.2mm) and greater accuracy (max.0.02mm). Most scanners use laser technology. But not the Artec scanner. This scanner works with normal light projected on the object to be scanned. Therefore, with this scanner, there is absolutely no risk to a person or animal.

Portable Rappard: «The Broadway 3D-scanner is a portable scanner, and can therefore capture objects that should not be touched. There are three variations of this scanner available, which means a wide range of models can be scanned, from objects the size of a matchbox to a complete human torso, or a car. «This means that 4 Consultants can offer the appropriate scanner for different applications, to produce the required result as quickly as possible. Also, a combination of different types of scanners can become the method whereby the accuracy and speed can be maximized." The Artec software can put real-time pictures from multiple cameras together effortlessly. So, a complete body-scan can be made in ten seconds, and within a couple of minutes the model is ready for further use. A lot of interest in this solution has been shown by the clothing industry. Rappard: «The number of possible applications for the Broadway scanner is very wide: architectural, medical, prototypes, educational, manufacturing, quality-control, the film industry, clothing; these are only a few examples where the power and simplicity of the Broadway 3D-Scanner can be seen.»

Exhibitions The Artec Scanner has been shown at a number of exhibitions where people’s faces have been scanned. These faces were milled immediately with the help of VX CAD/CAM software, using a robot as a milling-machine. Every45 minutes a 3D portrait of someone, true to size.

Who can count to 3D… Edwin Rappard has a clear vision: «The objective of 4C Consultants is to bring to market, good, affordable products in the area of 3D. Alongside that, we want to offer a complete service and support. In 2002, we started with the introduction of VX CAD/CAM software in Holland and Belgium; software that is developed exclusively for Samsung. Since last year, we are also the reseller of the Solido 3D rinter, and working together with our partner, Trento Special Equipment and Robotics, we are introducing robot-milling into Holland. A tool has been developed for this, that can simulate the robot in its working environment, and can track problems and solve them. In all a complete delivery program for the Dutch and Belgian market. From softwaresupplier we have grown to a process-solver. The Artec 3D-Scanner is the perfect conceptual supplement for a broad public interest," is Edwin Rappard’s opinion.