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Artec’s newest software released

It has finally happened! The long-awaited, newest version of Artec Studio 0.7.0 software has been released. Hooray!

Artec Studio, a 3D software application, which comes free with any Artec 3D Scanner, got a facelift and a plethora of new and exсiting features. Some of the highlights include:

  • Support for professional stereo visualization with NVidia 3DVision Pro (Quadro family of NVidia graphic cards)!
  • Improved use of computer resources (RAM, HD, etc), making the software more stable and quicker at processing even the most resource-intensive requests.
  • Introduction of a new concept: a «project». Multiple scans can be easily saved into a single project and loaded into the application quickly. This makes working and organizing a complex project, much easier.
  • Ability to undo and redo (everyone was waiting for this one!)
  • Ability to invert models with a single click
  • Addition of new export formats:​
    1. CSV (text format) enables user to export all acquired measurement data into a text document and print.
    2. PTX — another format that will enable users to export texture.
  • Addition of edge smoothing tool and improvement to existing smoothing tools
  • Optimized global registration algorithm runs faster and produces better results than ever before.
  • Added more languages: Chinese and Polish
  • Improved GUI in some tools and windows and many other small changes

All existing customers may update to the new version free of charge, all new customers will get it by default with their new 3D Scanner.

Now we are starting to work on the next 0.8 version. We have lots of ideas, so stay tuned for more!