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Artec scanners at Eurographics 2012

Cagliari is the capital of the amazing Italian island of Sardinia. This town was the site of the 33rd annual international conference Eurographics, dedicated to computer graphics and animation. Artec has become the main sponsor of the event, and also participated in the exhibition taking place within the framework of the conference.

Eurographics, organized by CRS4 Visual Computing and University of Cagliari, was a great success. And no wonder – the conference was attended by such leading figures in the area of animation as Disney, NVIDIA, SIEMENS and many others. They talked about the latest achievements and shared their wealth of experience with all participants and visitors at the conference.

While speeches and presentations were being given during the lecture part, the exhibition lived its own life. A variety of companies, including Double Negative, which creates special effects for films, SESTOSENTO3D, a creator of volume holograms, Holografica, producer of screens with passive 3D, Konica Minolta, and many others demonstrated their products to everyone.

At the exhibition Artec presented its latest achievement – the Artec™ Eva scanner. This scanner was born as a result of the intensive efforts of the whole team, and everyone in the company has a right to be proud. The remarkably light and easy to use scanner produces unbelievably high-quality results in a matter of seconds.

An optimal combination of modern design, light weight and ease of use made Eva the heroine of the show. As soon as the device was switched on and a scan begun, the display stand became the center of attention. In minutes, right before the eyes of the public, three dimensional copies of those who decided to try out the scanner’s capabilities on themselves appeared one after another. The audience was especially amazed at how quickly a 3D model appeared on the screen of a laptop.

The new device was of great interest to everyone – from students who came to the conference for new knowledge to representatives of large companies and research institutes. Even the mayor of Cagliari was among the visitors to the display. Massimo Zedda awaited the appearance of his three dimensional copy with curiosity, asking about the prospects and benefits of using 3D scanners in various areas.

The exhibition and the conference itself took place in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual interest. The organizers expressed their gratitude to Artec for its participation and invited the company to Eurographics 2013, which will take place in Spain. By next summer, Artec will undoubtedly have something new to amaze participants and visitors of the conference.