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Artec scanner immortalized famous hat maker

The company SolideXpress, which specializes in prototyping, conceived a project to create sculptures of famous personalities on the basis of their 3D models. They decided to begin with David Shilling, perhaps the most well-known hat maker in the world. His plastic figurine, created with the scanner Artec MH and a 3D printer, would be an excellent gift for any style-conscious man or woman who is crazy about unusual hats.

The scanning itself took only a minute and a half, and post-processing another 10 hours or so. To save scanning time, SolideXpress used two scanners. However, it would be quite practical to scan a person using only one device, but the process would take 2-3 minutes rather than one and a half. First the model was processed with the software Artec Studio, and then fine-tuned with Zbrush.

Afterwards, the finished model of the great milliner was sent to a 3D printer and they printed a small figurine.

Watch a detailed video of the appearance of the David Shilling figurine:

Pierre Meyrignac, Director of SolideXpress, asserts that scanning people is rather difficult because they move too much. “The Artec scanners, with speeds of 15 frames per second, allowed us to minimize the effects of ‘movement’ and cut the post-processing of the model in half.” The company chose Artec because its devices don’t require pre-calibration, and can scan in practically any lighting conditions. These features make Artec scanners stand out from the competition.