Artec's special packages open up new opportunities for research labs and classrooms


Teachers, professors, and researchers of all kind, it's time to celebrate! Artec announces special package deals on 3D scanners and software at hugely discounted rates.

Our special scanner prices are as follows:

Eva 17,820 USD

Eva Lite 8,820 USD

Upgrade from Eva Lite to Eva 9,000 USD

Spider 20,340 USD

Space Spider 24,840 USD

Eva + Spider bundle 31,680 USD

Eva + Space Spider bundle 36,180 USD

The package includes:

  • Artec 3D scanner(s)
  • Artec Studio: FREE pack of 20 licenses
  • 2 year warranty at no extra charge
  • 2 years of free major software upgrades

The package is applicable to all educational establishments, including academic research institutions. In order to qualify for getting our special package, your website should feature the project you will use Artec scanner(s) for and link to the Artec 3D website.

If you are a student and want to get your hands on Artec 3D scanners, get your university to sign up!

We'll be happy to explain how to apply and answer any questions you may have about our special package. Just contact us at

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