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Artec Group and Rodin4d join forces

Artec Group and Rodin4D are proud to announce that the two companies have joined forces to create a comprehensive solution for the orthopedic market. «B-Scan Artec 3D», as the joint product will be known, combines Artec’s innovative scanning technology and Rodin4D’s comprehensive software and milling solutions.

According to Luc Boronat, President of Rodin4D, «CAD/CAM solution consisting of an Artec 3D scanner, digital rectification software and a machine tool (milling machine or robot) allows ortho-prosthetists to offer more comfort and precision to their patients when taking measurements." Mr. Boronat also adds that, «CAD/CAM saves ortho-prosthetists time on all key processes used to make devices (taking measurements, rectification, milling the positive), leaving them more time to concentrate on the heart of their profession and their relationship with patients.»

When asked about the benefits of the B-Scan Artec 3D, Artec’s Chief Marketing Officer and part-owner, Sergey Suhovey replied, «Both Rodin4D and Artec Group strive to provide easy-to-use, inexpensive, yet innovative technological solutions. Therefore, a partnership between our two companies seemed natural. There are several key benefits to the combined product: ease of use, price, and of course, comprehensive support should a client have any questions. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for the O&P practitioner.»

The Artec Group’s patented 3D technology is used in a variety of applications: from medicine to biometric security. It is recognized as a world leader in three-dimensional digitalization and its technology is known to be affordable and easy to use.

Based in Bordeaux France, Rodin4D grew quickly to become the second largest O&P technology provider in the region. Known for its innovative and comprehensive solutions in the orthopedic and prosthetic fields, the company also places extreme emphasis on quality and support.