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The independent business information - analytical channel ”Expert TV” began its existence on December 1, 2008. The channel set out to become an informational and analytical resource that would every day offer live timely analysis of international news to its audience. Recently, the channel launched a program dedicated to prototyping and 3D scanning, as a first step in the process of manufacturing models for samples. The Russian company Artec3D has taken scanning technology to a new level. Sergey Sukhovoy, Director of Business Development for Artec, told reporters about the two main areas on which the company focuses - 3D scanning itself and biometric security systems based on the recognition of faces in 3D. Sergey explained that the main advantages of Artec scanners are how easy they are to use, and how amazing the quality of the results obtained are. With regard to biometric security systems, according to Sergei, the Artec systems "have reached such a high level of efficiency that the camera can work and recognize people on the move."

The program mentioned the role of the scanners in the production of special effects for world best-sellers such as "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Harry Potter", as well as the domestic films "Phantom" and "August. Eighth." According to the forecasts of journalists, in 10 years such scanners, which are not currently affordable to the average consumer, would be within reach of everyone who wants to try out the effects of 3D himself.

You can watch the program in Russian here:

Source: http://expert.ru/2012/03/21/3d-skanirvanie/