Artec Space Spider now out!

Enhanced 3D scanner featuring advanced cooling system for maximum accuracy

Artec Studio 10.
Here and faster than ever.

Featuring the most powerful algorithms and advanced features for processing your 3D data with speed, ease and accuracy

Artec Shapify Booth out now!

3D full body scanning
in 12 seconds

President Obama in 3D

Scanning tips

Learn how to enhance your scanning experience with Artec

From the beginnings to the future:
replicating fossils in 3D

Restoring an ancient Roman mask using Artec EVA

education package

Artec Eva and Spider now available
at discounted rates for classroom use


23 July 2015 Comprehensive Artec Studio 10 video tutorial

Artec’s North American partners ScanSource show step-by-step how to 3D scan with Artec Spider and post-process the data in Artec Studio 10.