Industrial design and manufacturing

This car compressor was placed on a rotating platform, which made scanning easy and fast.

A good example of a symmetrical object, which is impossible for other scanners to capture without the application of stickers.

This bolt was scanned with Artec Spider after being sprayed with gloss reducing powder.

The body of the engine and the larger details were scanned with Artec Eva. Spider was used to capture the more intricate geometry.

This is a 3D model of a working hydrant on a street in Palo Alto, CA.

An early 1900’s tower well valve scanned on-site with an Artec Eva, connected to a portable battery and a tablet.

This hippie bus was scanned with Artec Eva, and then the bottom parts that could not be accessed with the scanner were modeled in third-party software.


This metal mold of a child's foot was scanned with Spider in less than one minute.

A quick scan of the top of the hand with Spider allows you to see the fine details of the skin and nails.

Scanning ears is a popular solution for making prosthetics.

A quick self scan of an eye with superb geometry of the eyelid and skin.

A top to toe scan of a person captured with Artec Eva.

A quick all-around scan of an arm made with Artec Eva.

This 3D model shows how well Artec Eva renders hair, a tricky area for some 3D scanners

This torso was captured with an Artec Eva in a matter of seconds!

Science and education

Product part made of plastic. It can be easily captured with Artec Spider in a couple of scanning sessions.

A sea shell featuring some complex geometry scanned with Artec Spider.

Just like the Fox Skull, Turkana Boy skull consisted of two separate parts that were scanned separately, and aligned afterwards.

This small and fragile skull of a desert fox was easy and fast to capture.

A replica of a spinal bone, scanned with Eva.

A beautiful skull of an African antelope, captured with Eva in two scans.

Scanned in just under 20 second using an easy solution.

An old transmission box, scanned with Eva.

Art and design

Even though this plate has a thin and narrow edge, Artec Spider scanned it with ease.

This small figurine of a chinese horseman warrior was scanned to make perfect replicas in different sizes.

The inner side of this old bronze helmet is very narrow. No other scanner would able to operate in such narrow space.

This coin was thick enough to stand its side and was captured in just two scans.

A wooden chair scanned with Eva.

A leather shoe scanned with Eva.

A 3D model of a 4.5-meter tall monument captured using an Artec Eva, a battery and a tablet for the Musée de la Révolution française.

An architectural element, scanned with Eva in under 2 minutes.

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