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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Artec and Leios



Artec Group Inc and E.G.S. are pleased to announce that the two companies have joined forces to bring to market an affordable and complete 3D reverse engineering solution.

Artec Group is an innovative manufacturer of 3D technology. After years of diligent research and development, the company has introduced affordable and easy-to-usehand-held 3D scanners. E.G.S. is an innovative company that has developed Leios — a fast, reliable and user-friendly solution for the enhancement of 3D scans, editing of triangle meshes and reverse engineering.

In combination, the two products offer a complete, easy-to-use, and affordable solution — according to E.G.S. CEO, Gabriele Canella. He feels that Artec and Leios are both great products with very aggressive pricing: the first represents state-of-the-art structured light scanners, while the second is a mesh editing and reverse engineering software as powerful as any leading products currently available on the market.

To request more information about the Artec/Leios solution, please visit the E.G.S. website.