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The next step in engineering with VR, AR, and Artec 3D at Virtual (R)evolution for industry

| Mikrocentrum, Postbus 359, 5600 AJ Eindhoven, Netherlands (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Virtual reality and augmented reality are increasingly gaining momentum thanks to the gaming and entertainment industries. Surprisingly, the engineering sector is the third of the top three growth markets for VR and AR. Could these technologies change how we think about production mechanisms? The opportunities they offer are now quickly progressing across all industrial fields, opening up exciting new possibilities for training, design workflows, sales processes, maintenance, and production lines. The Virtual (R)evolution for industry expo, taking place in Eindhoven on the 18th of June, will showcase the most interesting uses of virtual and augmented reality technologies in engineering through lectures and exhibitors. This includes Artec 3D gold certified partner 4C, who will demonstrate two of the most acclaimed professional 3D handheld scanners: Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider.

The newest professional color 3D scanner to join the Artec family is the state-of-the-art Leo. Leo is the first fully autonomous handheld 3D scanner with a built-in battery and touchscreen, and also its very own computer! This way, you can visualize the model of your object in real time, on screen, at the very moment you’re scanning it. Leo is not only groundbreaking in the way we use 3D scanning technologies, but also boasts remarkable results in terms of its precision, handling, and quality. Without a doubt, Leo is the next big step for the industry.

Artec Eva is one of the most popular professional handheld 3D scanners on the market. It is lightweight, highly transportable, simple to use, and also remarkably precise, giving you excellent results every time. Eva is an essential tool for professionals across multiple industries - ranging from reverse-engineering to art and design - not only because of its remarkable value for money, but also due to its outstanding quality. To enjoy a truly autonomous workflow, Eva can be coupled with a portable battery pack. This way, you can scan everything, even in hard to access locations, while knowing that your results will be exemplary.

You will also be able to check out the Artec Space Spider, a 3D scanner with incredible accuracy. The Space Spider was developed to capture very precise objects, regardless of their complexity and level of detail. This blue light scanner is essential for high-end industries to capture data with metrological accuracy. If you need to scan bigger objects with some intricate parts, such as cars, your Space Spider can be combined with Eva to gather all the data the fastest way, without compromising on the end result. Every detail will be there.

Be sure to pay 4C a visit at their booth to know more about Artec 3D’s groundbreaking products, software, and solutions.

Where: Mikrocentrum, Postbus 359, 5600 AJ Eindhoven, Netherlands

When: June 18