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Artec 3D scanners and lectures on 3D scanning at the Technical Industrial Trade Fair 2017

| Evenementenhal, Hardenberg, the Netherlands (Hardenberg, the Netherlands)

Artec’s Gold Partner 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants will be exhibiting at the Technical Industrial Trade Fair 2017 (Technische Industriële Vakbeurs 2017), which will showcase innovative products and technologies of the Dutch manufacturing sector.

The head of 4C, Edwin Rappard, will talk about 3D scanning as a connection between the real world and the virtual one on each of the three days of the event. Edwin’s lectures will take place at the Green PAC (Polymer Application Centre) Knowledge Square 18:15 to 18:45.

On the company’s stand, attendees will be able to practice 3D scanning with the award-winning Eva and Space Spider and see how 3D data processing and scan-to-CAD export work in Artec Studio software. Artec offers bundles of 3D scanners, software and plugins that allow for seamless integration of 3D models into the SOLIDWORKS environment. Check out special bundle prices on our website.

The use of Artec 3D scanning solutions guarantees obtaining high-quality scans of both featureless and geometry-rich surfaces as well as fast and intuitive processing of the scans into watertight 3D models. Meet Edwin Rappard to learn how 3D scanning is benefitting a range of manufacturing industries and read success stories here.

Where: Green PAC pavilion, Evenementenhal Hardenberg (Hardenberg Events Hall), Hardenberg, the Netherlands

When: September 19-21