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Additive manufacturing excellence with Artec 3D at TCT Asia

| NECC (Shanghai, China)

What: TCT Asia
Where: NECC (Shanghai) 4.1H, Booth M61
When: Sept. 12-14

This September, step into the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology at TCT Asia. Alongside two of our partners Shanghai HUAO Information Technology Co. and Gold-certified Ningbo FLD-TECH Co., Artec 3D will be at hand to introduce you to our full range of scanners and all the applications and solutions you can explore with them.

Stealing the limelight and with good reason is the brand-new combo we’ve introduced: Artec Leo and Ray II. Leo needs no introduction: a wireless, handheld powerhouse, this easy-to-use 3D scanner captures high-accuracy data as quickly and easily as you’d take a video on your mobile phone. Ideal for scanning out in the field or when capturing tricky corners or challenging environments, Leo’s best features are now made to shine with the all-new Ray II.

This lightning-fast, long-range LiDAR scanner scans from up to 130 meters away, rapidly capturing everything from full warehouses, factory floors, buildings, and environments. When the two meet there’s no detail missed.

You’ll also come up close with the ever-excellent Artec Eva, ideal for quick scans of medium-sized objects such as human bodies, furniture, and other parts. Need something in great detail? The Artec Space Spider is your solution – zoom right into the finer details of your item for astoundingly lifelike and accurate digital replicas.

Have a look around at Booth M61 and you’ll also get to know the Artec Metrology Kit. This professional photogrammetry solution with metrology-grade precision and high-end volumetric accuracy is your solution for inspection, reverse engineering, and other industrial measurement applications.

Whatever your industry or application, stop by and get to know our technology and our team – and where better than at TCT Asia 2023!