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Artec 3D product line on display at 3D-TAGE

| Leopoldstraße 1, D-78112, St. Georgen, Germany (Georgen, Germany)

This year’s 3D-TAGE event taking place in St. Georgen, Germany is devoted to the rapidly developing field of 3D printing and rapid manufacturing. Indeed, the organizers have created a content-packed trade fair to get as much coverage as possible. Renowned industry experts will be sharing their knowledge about and direct experience with current trends in manufacturing processes and applications. With talks, lectures, and workshops on the agenda, it will definitely be an immersive experience in 3D scanning and printing.

Attendees will come from many different industries, so expect engineers alongside medical professionals at this unique 3D-focused conference and trade show. In addition to insight on industry practices, visitors will also be able to get a glimpse of Artec 3D’s newest 3D scanner – Artec Ray.

This new device makes reverse engineering, inspection, and construction on a large scale simpler and faster. With the ability to scan up to 110 meters away from the object, Ray can capture huge structures with incredible precision. Its sophisticated laser technology offers clean data capture that will stun specialists in aviation, metallurgy, design, and construction.

Also on display will be Artec Eva and Space Spider, which are designed to address comparatively smaller-scale scanning projects. Both devices offer powerful scanning technology that generate stunning, realistic 3D images. They’re used in many industrial contexts from reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, to design and customization. They’re even employed for the upkeep of the Dutch Royal Navy’s ships and submarines (read about it here)! In addition, Artec offers a fine selection of software suites to meet all your 3D needs.

Come talk to our gold certified partners Klib and Antonius Köster GmbH & Co. to learn more!

When: June 20 – 21

Where: St. Georgen, Germany (Address: Leopoldstraße 1, D-78112, St. Georgen)