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How Artec 3D is supporting Ukraine

Explore Artec’s all-round 3D scanning solutions at the 11th Fair of Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools STOM-TOOL in Poland

| Targi Kielce exhibition centre, Kielce, Poland (Kielce, Poland)

STOM-TOOL is rapidly becoming more and more popular each year as one of the major events in Europe for tools and CNC machines used for metalworking. Bringing together multiple manufacturers of high-quality appliances and equipment, STOM-TOOL is visited by a large number of professionals looking for durable solutions to boost their workflow and reduce unnecessary costs.

Please feel free to stop by our booth# D-02a, so that our experienced, gold certified resellers, 3D Master, can show you all of the advantages of Artec 3D scanning solutions specifically for your applications. They can also provide assistance with the installation, training, support and maintenance of your products and services.

Explore the wide range of Artec 3D scanners suited for various applications.

Artec Space Spider is your best bet when you are looking for ultra-precise 3D data capture for use in reverse engineering and quality control among many other applications.

Use our most popular 3D scanner, Artec Eva for easy scanning of almost any object. This all-round solution is great for fast and effortless data capture.

All of our scanners can be purchased on their own, or as part of a bundle, either with another 3D scanner, or a powerful CAD and CAM software from well-known brands.

Looking forward to seeing you!

When: April 10-12

Where: Targi Kielce exhibition centre, Kielce, Poland

Booth number: D-02a