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Head south for SOUTHTEC 2021 and see how Artec scanners can transform your manufacturing workflow.

| Greenville Convention Center (Greenville, South Carolina, USA)

What: SOUTHTEC 2021
Where: Greenville Convention Center, Greenville, South Carolina, Booth #1429
When: Oct. 26-28, 2021

SOUTHTEC 2021, one of the four Manufacturing Technology Series events produced by AMT and SME, is the top southeast manufacturing trade show in the US. This year, the show at Greenville Convention Center will bring together more than 6,000 attendees and hundreds of exhibitors, leading manufacturing suppliers, thought leaders, and key decision-makers. Here, attendees will be able to connect with each other and discover the latest advancements in manufacturing technology, and to discuss and explore industry trends and forecasts.

While you’re on the exhibition floor, make sure to stop by booth #1429 and meet Digitize Designs, area Artec 3D Ambassadors. Digitize Designs offers professional and metrology-grade 3D scanning solutions and services for a variety of applications and industries including but not limited to reverse engineering, inspection, quality control, custom tooling, custom design, and more. During the three days, their scanning experts will be happy to demonstrate how Artec 3D scanners can streamline and skyrocket many of your manufacturing workflows.

Among them – Artec Micro, a fully automated desktop 3D scanner for capturing small bite-size objects just under 90 × 60 × 60 mm in size. What makes Micro a go-to scanner among professionals is its 0.01 mm accurate data output, 0.029 mm resolution, as well as ease and simplicity of use. Thanks to smart scanning mode, the operator doesn’t have to control the scanner or create custom scanning paths for optimum results.

Next in the spotlight is Artec Space Spider – one of the favorite 3D tools among reverse engineering and quality control specialists. Why? This powerful handheld device is able to produce outstanding, high-quality 3D data for small objects with metrological 0.05 mm accuracy and an impressive 0.1 mm resolution. Make sure to take it out for a test ride with one of the sample objects available at the booth!

The last on the list, but definitely not one to be missed is Artec Leo, the king of the jungle scanners. This cordless handheld beast is able to capture medium to large objects at an incredible speed, and with utmost accuracy and resolution. With a built-in computer and onboard touchscreen, this scanner is like nothing else in 3D tech that you’ve seen or used before.

Eager to see how 3D scanners can transform your manufacturing workflow? Make sure to join our partners from Digitize Designs at SOUTHTEC 2021, Oct. 26-28, Booth #1429.