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Artec 3D Innovations at 20th-year Anniversary of Plastics and Rubber Fair

| Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven, Netherlands (Veldhoven, Netherlands)

This year’s Kunststoffenbeurs will be no ordinary trade fair on rubber and plastics. For many years, this event has brought together industry leaders to discuss manufacturing, molding, and material processing that have shaped practices around the world. But this year marks Kunststoffenbeurs’s 20th year anniversary! This means looking forward to another 20 years of fruitful, global collaboration, but also reflecting on trends of the last two decades. Of course, the issues of the present day will continue to shape the conversation. In particular, special focus will be given to sustainability, circular economy, smart raw and new materials, cost saving strategies, and innovative production methods.

Speaking of innovative production methods, be sure to visit Artec’s local reseller, 4C, who will be partaking in this remarkable anniversary year. On hand they’ll have Artec 3D’s best-selling 3D scanners – Artec Eva and Artec Space Spider. Both are used widely in the plastics and rubber industry. Eva and Space Spider’s powerful, 3D, high-resolution imaging capabilities are perfect for molding projects, prototyping, reverse engineering, and quality and consistency control. Both devices offer intuitive, user-friendly operations, so you can get going right away. With these Artec devices, you’ll be able to scan without having to make contact with the objects. For sensitive, fragile molding projects, Artec is your choice 3D scanner.

For a smart, cutting-edge scanning solution, find out from 4C about Artec Leo. This new generation, real-time processing 3D imager from Luxembourg-based Artec 3D makes your workflow simple and seamless, as you’re able to see 3D rendering as you scan! Equipped with an HD display, boasting lightning-fast scanning speed, Artec Leo takes 3D imaging to a whole new level.

Together with Artec’s line of software suites, you’ll have all you’ll need to tackle scanning projects of a virtually any size and complexity. Come celebrate Kunststoffenbeurs’s 20th year and learn how Artec 3D solutions can help you and your business!

When: September 26 - 27

Where: , Booth 52, Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven, Netherlands