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Artec 3D Solutions at MetalMadrid 2018

| Calle de Edgar Neville, Madrid, Spain (Madrid, Spain)

Stop in at this year’s leading industrial show in Spain – MetalMadrid! This event showcases new technologies in automotive, aeronautics, and metal processing industries (just to name a few). With attendance from molding tools providers to makers of smart stations, visitors will be able to find the solutions they need to speed up and optimize production. Set in the heart of Spain, MetalMadrid 2018 endeavors to cover the entire life cycle of manufacturing. Think design, materials, production processes, machining, software-aided approaches, quality control, and even the supply chain itself. This means everyone from the CEO to financial managers stand to benefit from interacting with peers and colleagues, and MetalMadrid welcomes those from every side and corner of the business. Apart from being a unique opportunity to get the “in” on trends and cutting-edge solutions, MetalMadrid is also perfect for networking and exchanging expertise.

Naturally, Aquateknica, a reseller of Artec 3D solutions based in Valencia, is taking this opportunity to introduce a sampling of Artec 3D’s pioneering 3D cameras, in particular – Artec Eva, Space Spider, and Ray. So, make sure you stop by and find out how Artec 3D solutions can revamp your manufacturing projects!

Many around the globe are probably familiar with Artec Eva, Artec 3D’s best-selling scanner. Eva enables users to take advantage of its power, precision, and portability with universal applicability. Inside a company, you can find Eva in as early as the pre-development stage of design, and as further down the production line as in quality assurance. And for all its versatility, Eva delivers consistently, capturing 3D images at 16 fps with an impressive accuracy of 0.1 mm. Perfect for medium-sized objects, Eva can perform high-res image rendering of everything from humans busts to motorcycle exhaust systems.  

If you want exceptionally high metrological accuracy, take a look Artec Space Spider. Originally made for the International Space Station, Space Spider boasts precision performance at 0.05 mm and a capturing speed of 7.5 fps – that translates to one million points per second. With Space Spider’s phenomenal capacity to reproduce complex geometries, textures, and colors, users find Space Spider particularly valuable when scanning molding parts, keys, coins, and even human ears!

Now for those wishing to capture large structures, like the architectural marvels of Spain, Artec Ray is the device of choice. A newbie in the Artec 3D family, this long-range 3D imager employs laser technology to scan gargantuan objects, such as airplanes, buildings, wind turbines, and ship propellers. And even for scans at great distances, no detail goes unobtained, what with Ray’s unique, powerful engineering design.

Don’t miss out on seeing Artec 3D at this year’s MetalMadrid! Find Aquateknica and see Artec 3D solutions in action!

When: September 26 – 27

Where: Pavilion 2. Booth 2D13, Madrid, Spain