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Artec’s most advanced, cutting-edge LEO 3D scanner to be featured at the 3rd Manufacturing World trade show in Nagoya, Japan

| DMS Nagoya, Portmesse Nagoya, Japan (Portmesse Nagoya, Japan)

The 3rd Manufacturing World Nagoya is a massive B2B exhibition, focusing on the products, technologies and solutions for the manufacturing industry. This popular event attracts a large crowd of international professionals from various sectors such as automotive, electronics and healthcare, looking for all the latest manufacturing developments under one roof!

The 3rd Manufacturing World Nagoya consists of the following trade shows:

M-Tech Nagoya is a trade show featuring various mechanical parts and subcontracting services, such as fasteners, springs and tube components.

DMS Nagoya is all about IT services, including CAD, CAM and production management systems.

FacTex Nagoya focuses on products, equipment for factory maintenance, such as factory facilities, equipment, and energy saving products.

AeroTech Nagoya is a trade show for technologies and components for aerospace manufacturing, such as ultra-precision materials processing, mechanical parts, etc.

Drop by Data Design’s stand #17-24 at DMS Nagoya, where Artec 3D will be displaying the unlimited possibilities of our world-renowned 3D scanners, together with our Gold Certified reseller, who have extensive experience with incorporating 3D technology into manufacturing environments, ensuring a faster and more cost-effective workflow. They also offer installation, training, and support and maintenance services.

You will be able to get up-close and personal with Artec Leo, Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners. Leo is Artec’s latest handheld 3D scanner, equipped with a built-in battery, touch panel screen and wireless connectivity for easiest ever professional 3D scanning. This state-of-the-art 3D scanner will forever revolutionize the way 3D data is captured. Artec Space Spider, is a professional, highly precise 3D scanner, perfect for capturing small and medium-sized objects in detail. Artec Eva is one of the most popular, user-friendly and versatile 3D scanners on the market today, and is a fantastic and affordable overall solution.

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Learn more about how Artec 3D scanners can be used for reverse engineering and other industrial applications.

When: April 11-13

Where: DMS Nagoya, Portmesse Nagoya, Japan

Booth number: 17-24