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| Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands ('s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)

What: Kunststoffenbeurs 2021
Where: Booth 181, Brabanthallen convention center, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
When: Sept. 15-16, 2021

On Sept. 15-16, more than 3,500 visitors from all around the Benelux Union will head over to 's-Hertogenbosch, a small city in the south of the Netherlands, for the region's leading annual plastics and rubber industry tradeshow: Kunststoffenbeurs 2021. During these two days, professionals from business, governmental, and educational institutions will have the chance to discuss the latest developments and trends in the plastics industry. On the exhibition floor, you'll be able to mingle with some of the 200+ key industry players involved in the development of new production methods and materials, 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment, and more.

Among them will be 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants, an Artec 3D Ambassador and experts in 3D scanning, printing, and CAD/CAM solutions in the Benelux area. The 4C team join Kunststoffenbeurs for the 7th time in a row, and will be showcasing Artec's professional 3D scanner and software range at Booth #181.

On the exhibition menu this year are handheld scanners Artec Eva, Space Spider, Leo, and fully automated desktop scanner Micro.

Artec Eva and Space Spider are two portable 3D scanners for capturing small and mid-sized objects ranging from tiny screws to entire motorbikes. The scanners feature incredible accuracy and resolution, which make them applicable to many areas, including manufacturing, design, quality control, and more.

Artec Leo goes beyond the traditional notion of a 3D scanner by delivering a completely flawless and wireless 3D scanning experience for mid-sized to large objects. With a built-in screen and onboard processing, you can see the result of your work building in real-time, with no additional hardware needed. Thanks to a wide field of view and an exceptionally high acquisition speed, it captures more data in less time, so you can scan larger objects such as vehicles or massive industrial equipment in no time.

Artec Micro, a fully automated desktop 3D scanner, supports the digitization of very small objects just up to 90 × 60 × 60 mm in size. This makes it perfect for inspection and duplication of things as tiny as a human tooth or mechanical nut in just a few minutes, and with little to no user involvement – just a click will do it.

If you're interested to see how 3D scanning can streamline your design, production, inspection or maintenance workflow, don't miss a chance to schedule a live demo of Artec 3D scanners at 4C's booth #181 at https://kunststoffenbeurs.nl/plattegrond/.