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Get immersed in 3D scanning with Artec 3D — in your own time

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What: Javelin Technologies’ walk-through webinar on scanning with Artec 3D and inspecting scan data in Geomagic Control X
When: On demand
Where: Online

Join Artec 3D’s trusted partner, Javelin Technologies Inc., in a captivating 3D scanning journey — whenever and wherever you like! Watch the recording of an in-depth presentation from Javelin’s Product Manager Cory Green detailing how to 3D scan an object and turn it into a well and truly accurate 3D CAD model. Tailored for the automotive industry, this demo will prove beneficial if you need an infallible solution for quality inspection or reverse engineering. Whether your interest lies in QA, product design, customization, or 3D documentation, you’re sure to pick up a host of useful tips watching this webinar.

The demo starts off with Cory Green scanning an automotive control arm — an item that may seem onerous to capture and replicate in a 3D environment. No worries, all steps of the process are covered by Javelin’s seasoned expert, with every possible scanning challenge addressed along the way: from notes on industry-specific needs and tips on maintaining tracking and keeping the right distance to the object, to an edge-to-edge demonstration of 3D scanning with Artec Space Spider, a handheld 3D scanner favored by CAD users across the globe.

Faultless in rendering intricate geometry, sharp edges, and ultra-thin ribs, Artec Space Spider is used in numerous industries. Whatever the application, this scanner easily captures small objects such as complex industrial parts, molds, PCBs, coins, or keys — in resolution so high it takes your breath away. The final 3D models can be easily exported to CAD software right from Artec Studio, a powerful tool for engineers, quality control specialists, and designers.

After watching this demo, you can go ahead and request one of any other Artec solution to learn how 3D scanning technology can help you always be at the forefront of your industry. Contact Javelin to schedule a time that works best for you!