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Artec 3D scanners on exhibit at Industrial Transformation Fair in Singapore

| 1 Expo Dr, Singapore (Singapore)

The Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC is geared up to tackle the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. Brought about by a collaboration between SingEx Exhibitions and Deutsche Messe, this show offers a special platform for sharing, business-making, and networking among forerunners in the region’s manufacturing industry. The goal is to discuss growth strategies and transformation initiatives both locally and internationally. With attendance by key groups within the industrial value chain, the event’s program will give insight into the latest market trends and new developments.

This includes innovative, transformational technology like Artec 3D’s versatile 3D imaging solutions. Based in Luxembourg, Artec 3D has for years supplied countless industries with tools to improve design, production, and manufacturing. Its scanners like Artec Eva and Space Spider have been valuable contributors throughout many stages of the manufacturing process, from reverse engineering, prototyping, all the way up to quality control. And with its powerful, fuss-free software suite, Artec 3D provides you with a complete, user-friendly solution that will get you going right away.

Portable and compact, Artec Eva and Space Spider are perfect for a wide range of scanning contexts, whether they involve small- to medium-sized objects with intricate details and hard-to-digitize textures, such as construction machine parts. Meanwhile, for titanic tasks, like snapping up 3D images of turbines, propellers, buildings, ships, and aircrafts, give Artec Ray a go; its ability to capture massive structures from 110 m away with high, professional-grade precision will astound you.

But for the next generation handheld scanning solution, take a look at Artec Leo. With its onboard automatic processing feature, it can scan and reconstruct in real time. And you’ll be able to see it all happen on its built-in HD display. In practical terms, this means incredible user control, less scanning and processing time, and reduced chance of error. And by the way, it’s fast and powerful, as any proper pride leader.

Artec 3D’s partner Shonan Design will be displaying Artec’s top-of-the-line scanners at this year’s Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC. Chat with Shonan Design to find out how 3D scanning solutions can help you gain momentum into the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

When: October 16 – 19

Where: 1 Expo Dr, Singapore