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Artec 3D scanners helping invent the future at Global Industrie 2021

| Eurexpo Lyon, France (Lyon, France)

What: Global Industrie Lyon 2021
Where: Eurexpo Lyon, France, Booth 2M109
When: Sept. 6-9, 2021

From Sept. 6-9 this year, participants from all over the world converge on the beautiful city of Lyon to attend the Global Industrie 2021 exhibition where, as the organizers put it, the future is invented. This is a major international event under the patronage of President Emmanuel Macron, with a focus on the latest new developments and transformations in industry.

Artec 3D will be at the event to showcase how our professional 3D scanners are geared to enhance workflows in almost any aspect of your business’ value chain, be it R&D, design, production, maintenance, quality control and many others. Be sure to visit the Artec booth (2M109) where we will be only too happy to chat with you about your specific scenario and see what Artec 3D scanners can do for you.

Among the exhibitors are our trusted partners in France: 3D Numerisation, 3DZ France, Boreal, CADvision, Kallisto, KREOS, and Millenium 3D+. These are experienced professionals well-versed in everything 3D scanning. Our partners will also have a whole range of our scanners on show, so head over to our booths: 2M109 for Artec 3D, 3D Numerisation, Boreal, Kallisto, and KREOS; 6D56 for 3DZ France; 2H114 for Boreal; 6D44 for CADvision; 6D47 for KREOS; and 6E56 for Millenium 3D+.

Artec Ray, Leo, Eva, Space Spider, and Micro will feature at the event. These powerful scanners have been used to capture data and create 3D models of everything from an iPhone 4’s SIM card tray, to entire buildings, all with extremely high precision and resolutions that must be seen to be truly appreciated. These are incredibly versatile devices that excel in a variety of conditions without the need for targets or reference spheres.

Artec Ray is a long-range scanner with laser technology best suited for large objects like wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes, and buildings. With submillimeter precision, Artec Ray can scan up to 110 m away — that’s a whole football field’s length, and change!

Artec Eva and Space Spider are two of Artec 3D’s handheld scanners. They are high-precision, portable 3D scanning solutions for small to mid-sized objects. Eva is great for things like motorcycle exhaust systems, measurements of the human body, or furniture, to name a few.

Artec Space Spider is based on blue-light technology and is perfect for capturing small objects with intricate details, like a cylinder head if you are in the auto industry, coins, or even a human ear.

Artec Leo, our fastest professional handheld 3D scanner yet, comes with real-time, on-screen 3D model projection and processing, an inbuilt touchscreen and battery, and can capture both large and small objects wirelessly.

And finally Artec Micro, an ultra-high-precision, metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner, ideal for extra small objects with complex and intricate surfaces. Offering automated data capture, this scanner has up to 10 microns accuracy — one one hundredth of a millimeter! So, set up your object, click once, and the scanner does the rest.

There’s tons more: wireless capabilities, scanning resolutions, combining data from different scanners... but really, the best is to head over to our booths and have the team walk you through what these devices can do for you, whatever industry you might be in.

Using our solutions, professionals have successfully leveled up their processes in reverse engineering, quality inspection, industrial and manufacturing, healthcare, science and education, and many other spheres.

Come by to see how it could be you, too.

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