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What: Webinar "Generación de modelos a partir de un escaneo 3D" (Generating models from a 3D scan)
When: 4:30 PM CDMX (UTC-6) March 17, 2022
Where: Zoom
Language: Spanish

Our partners around the world continue to deliver top-notch workshops and demos tailored toward specific needs of high-end industries. This coming Wednesday, one such event will be held for businesses in Mexico and beyond. Industrial designers, mechanical engineers, product managers, and everyone else looking to streamline their manufacturing workflows are welcome to join the webinar "Generación de modelos a partir de un escaneo 3D" (Generating models from a 3D scan) set up by Goaltech, a partner of Artec 3D in Mexico.

During the webinar, you will learn how to bring just about any industrial part or assembly into a 3D environment, and from there, design an enhanced version of the product to meet the needs of your customers, slashing production costs along the way.

Use a 3D scanner to create a digital twin of your product in minutes with guaranteed accuracy. The upcoming webinar will feature Space Spider, Artec's high-precision 3D scanner for medium-sized to small objects with intricate geometry. You'll be able to see for yourself how well it captures the most challenging surfaces to deliver crisp scans with up to 0.1 mm resolution and up to 0.05 mm point accuracy.

Right after creating a polygonal 3D model, export it to CAD software to change its shape as needed and convert it into a solid model ready for milling, 3D printing, stamping, or casting. Goaltech's CAD software of choice is Solid Edge by Siemens, which offers a range of tools covering all aspects of product design. Register in advance and tune in for the Goaltech webinar to see how simple yet time- and cost-efficient your product development process can be if you incorporate 3D scanning and CAD technologies in it.