Goal-Tech Engineering Solutions

Gold Certified
Exceptional knowledge of Artec 3D products, excellent support for customers.
Available demo scanners:
Artec Eva

About the company

Goaltech is a Mexican company that has as its main objectives: to be a profitable enterprise, job-creating, attracting foreign investment and developing engineering services in the country. With a combination of technological knowledge, innovative solutions, quality and strategic partners; Siemens PLM, LDI, Artec 3D and 3D Systems, we contribute to the competitiveness and development of our clients, generating long-term relationships based on trust.

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Goal-Tech Engineering Solutions

H. Colegio Militar No. 4709, PIT 2 Chihuahua, Chihuahua, CP 31300, México

t. +52 (614) 481 4339,
   +52 (614) 424 2482