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Artec Leo and Space Spider to take center stage at the Furniture Manufacturing Expo

| Hickory Metro Convention Center (Hickory, NC, United States)

What: Furniture Manufacturing Expo
When: July 20-21, 2021
Where: Hickory Metro Convention Center (Hickory, NC, United States), Booth 1121

Measurements, customized designs, and engineering are just some of the ways in which the industries of furniture and 3D overlap. On July 20-21, Artec Ambassador Digitize Designs will demonstrate how powerful a tool 3D scanning can be for manufacturing the best products in the furniture market – and where better than in Hickory, North Carolina, one of the world’s go-to furniture shopping destinations.

In every part of the process – from design to production, engineering to quality assurance – there are constantly developing methods of creating the best furniture. And for the best results in these tasks, 3D scanning is essential. Best suited for the job and for objects of this size – with unwavering results amid complexity and a demand for detail – is of course Artec Leo.

Designed for medium to large items, and making scanning a breeze with wireless data capture and onboard processing, Artec Leo delivers speed, accuracy, and excellent results all at once. Being able to scan large items is surely a benefit to your process; being able to scan while you capture data from all angles without holding on to a computer or a battery makes the process that much easier. Now upgraded with Artec 3D’s HD Mode for superior processing, Leo is better than ever with every detail captured, and in high resolution, too.

If you’re keen to capture details in metrological accuracy, turn to Artec Space Spider, bringing blue-light technology and brilliant color to the world of industrial scanning, and then some. An ideal tool for CAD developers and engineers, Space Spider can capture small objects in great detail or larger items in all their glory.

Used either separately or in combination, Leo and Space Spider 3D scanners are ready for capturing everything from thin edges and fine details to larger surfaces and specialized parts of bigger items.

Stop by to see what our Gold Certified partner Digitize Designs can do for you with their demos of these two leading scanners, and learn more about the furnishing industry, featuring everything from environmental policy to the latest innovations made possible with today’s technology.

For everyone from designers to engineers and plant managers to machine operators, there will be lots to learn about and explore.

Find out more about the event here!