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Artec 3D scanners: Shaping the future at Formnext

| Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

What: Formnext
Where: Booth 12.1-E01, Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
When: Nov 15-18, 2022

November 2022 will see one of our favorite 3D printing calendar events take place: the Formnext exhibition and conference. At the time of writing, over 700 exhibitors from the world of additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing are already signed up. This year, it again promises to make good on the organizers’ claim that it is the place where ideas take shape – and we’re pretty sure they mean that quite literally.

Experts and specialists from the Artec team will be joined by KLIB, Artec Ambassadors in Germany, as well as 3D-Picture.net and algona GmbH, our gold-certified partners, who will be showcasing the complete Artec 3D line-up: Artec Eva, Space Spider, Leo, Micro, and Ray. Between them, they boast incredible resolutions and brilliant color, blistering speeds of up to 35 million points/sec, and can accurately scan objects from a few millimeters in size, to entire buildings, airplanes, and even ships.

Artec Leo is a one-of-a-kind device that offers a fully mobile scanning experience. It has onboard automatic processing, a touchscreen that builds a real time replica as you scan, an inbuilt battery, and wireless connectivity that enables you to stream to a second device.

The lightweight Artec Space Spider was initially designed for the International Space Station and is perfect for scanning small objects or the intricate details of larger ones.

Artec Eva is a high-resolution, structured-light 3D scanner designed to capture medium-sized objects. Eva is light, fast, and versatile, a fantastic all-rounder for which even black and shiny surfaces are fair game.

Artec Ray will also be on display. Designed to capture very large objects with ultra-high precision and minimal noise, this powerful laser scanner is compact, has an inbuilt battery, and can be controlled over WiFi with your mobile device using the Artec Remote app.

You can also check out Artec Micro, a high-precision industrial desktop 3D scanner. Micro is capable of capturing small objects with a point accuracy of up to 10 microns in a fully automated process – all in just one click.

Make sure to stop by at booth 12.1-E01 and learn more about what these powerful 3D scanners are capable of, see a demo, or try it out yourself.

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