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Fitness and wellness industry to get a dose of Artec 3D innovation

| Expo Houten, Houten, Netherlands (Houten, Netherlands)

4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants will be showcasing Artec 3D scanners at the Fitness & Wellness Top, where professionals will have a chance to gain insight into new and developing trends in the health industry. Beyond the enriching conversations that are sure to take place among industry experts, attendees will be able to try out some of the technological advancements proper to fitness and wellness. This includes Artec’s 3D imaging solutions.

The benefits of Artec scanners’ high-resolution image-capturing capabilities may not seem relevant to this industry, but think again. Just consider the idea of 3D scanning the feet of athletes to produce custom-made shoes. Artec Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners can grab every tiny detail of human body, helping manufacture fitness gear with improved safety and comfort.

When: September 15-16

Where: Booth 803, Expo Houten, Houten, Netherlands