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Artec 3D’s industry-changing scanning solutions to be featured at DMS Expo 2021

| Portmesse Nagoya (Nagoya, Japan)

What: Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) at Manufacturing World Nagoya
When: April 7 (Wed) – 9 (Fri), 2021
Where: Portmesse Nagoya, Booth 14-37

A remarkable number of accomplished experts from industries spanning information systems, design, R&D, and production engineering will take part in Asia’s leading manufacturing industry show from April 7 to 9: the Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo in Nagoya, Japan.

Professionals from across the automotive, aerospace, and machinery industries will have the chance to conduct stimulating business discussions, as well as many opportunities to interact with the exhibitors of their choice – globally acknowledged leaders in CAD, CAE, ERP, and production management systems, including local Artec 3D Ambassador Datadesign.

The experienced professionals of Datadesign will be there, ready to network with you and to provide demos of Artec 3D scanners that can solve a full spectrum of industry-specific 3D scanning tasks. Depending on your project requirements and the size of the objects you need to scan, you’ll be able to choose from an entire array of Artec 3D scanners that are market leaders across multiple industries worldwide.

At DMS, you’ll get first-hand experience with Artec Micro – the 3D scanner to pay serious attention to if you need to capture the tiniest objects, especially those with intricate surfaces. This super-precise desktop scanner is a perfect solution for quality control and reverse engineering, with its completely automated data capture and up to 10 microns’ accuracy.

You’ll also be able to get acquainted with Artec Space Spider, another proven solution for capturing smaller details. This portable, structured-blue-light 3D scanner gives you metrology-grade scanning, boasting up to 0.1 mm resolution and up to 0.05 mm accuracy. Widely used to capture smaller industrial parts, Space Spider is at the front of the pack when it comes to precision.

Looking to capture medium-sized objects? That’s an easy task for Artec’s long-standing favorite: Artec Eva, revered for fast and accurate 3D scanning and now powered with next-level quality thanks to the breakthrough HD Mode, introduced in October 2020. Capturing the finest lines or scanning shiny or black surfaces is now easier and better than ever before.

When it comes to bringing out the big guns, consider Artec Leo and Artec Ray. Artec 3D’s fastest professional handheld scanner, Leo is ideal for scanning medium to large objects, which makes it indispensable in myriad applications, including industrial manufacturing, quality control, VR, and e-commerce. Completely wireless, Leo has revolutionized workflows around the world with its inbuilt touchscreen and battery.

In case you need to go far and wide to capture objects such as airplanes, wind turbines, rooms, or buildings with high precision and minimum noise, Artec Ray is your best choice. This long-range laser scanner is the optimal solution for reverse engineering, quality control, and BIM for huge objects, while keeping processing time down to a bare minimum.

Whatever your industry or application, time spent at DMS Nagoya with our trusted partner Datadesign will pay off handsomely. To learn more about the most comprehensive 3D scanners and processing software in use around the world in a variety of industries, sign up today!