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Artec 3D to showcase cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions for manufacturing at DMS Nagoya in Japan

| Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan (Nagoya, Japan)

The 5th Manufacturing World Expo (DMS Nagoya) is a unique international industrial trade show for a reason. The largest platform in Central Japan exhibits new products and technologies from more than 1,000 companies each year and attracts 30,000+ visitors. The Expo provides a rich space for direct B2B collaborations in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive, and aerospace manufacturing, industrial AI, design, 3D printing, and more. In other words, you don’t want to miss it.

Nagoya is home to a number of global Japanese manufacturing enterprises, many of which represent heavy industries such as aviation, automobiles, and machine tools. This fact makes the city both a strategic center of industrial Japan and an international business cluster.

Artec 3D will be coming to DMS Nagoya to share our latest developments with other guests and participants of this exciting event. We will showcase the full line of our scanners, accompanied by Artec Studio 3D modeling software. Along with that, our Gold Certified Partner Datadesign Co., Ltd. will be with us, demonstrating the capabilities of Geomagic and SOLIDWORKS applications for reverse engineering, quality control, and CAD tasks.

Artec 3D’s scanners are designed to deliver the best results when accuracy, speed, ease of use, and precision are at stake. Micro, Space Spider, Eva, Leo, and Ray can work with objects of different sizes and shapes to achieve a full spectrum of 3D capturing goals.

Artec Micro scans small objects in high resolution, delivering accurate results in a matter of minutes. This is a desktop solution with advanced twin cameras that captures precise digital copies of objects. Widely applicable in the areas of dentistry, jewelry, and small machine parts manufacturing, Micro brings the latest scanning technology right to your desk.

A hands-down favorite for scanning medium to large-sized objects, Eva is a renowned market leader among handheld 3D scanners. The scanner delivers robust results, and has been used in a countless number of manufacturing applications, from reverse engineering and quality control to machine designing, etc.

Eva’s frequent partner that makes a perfect package for any industrial 3D scanning job is Space Spider.


While Eva is best at capturing large areas of objects at hand, Space Spider can digitize fine details or items with intricate geometries. The two scanners can be integrated in a bundle and synced to scan larger objects automatically. Space Spider has an in-built automatic temperature stabilization feature that allows it to perform in adverse environmental conditions.

Augmented with the intelligent Artec Turntable, a small automated rotating platform, Space Spider becomes a fully-equipped scanning system. Turntable’s synchronized rotating system pauses when tracking is lost and turns back about 15 degrees to re-establish the scanning position. This feature ensures flawless results and briefer workflows.

Artec Leo is a new name in 3D scanning technology, envisioned to revolutionize the field. The scanner’s aim is to provide the most intuitive experience, making scanning as easy as shooting a video. While scanning your object, you can see the 3D model being built in real time on the rear touch screen. You can rotate the scan model, check to see that everything has been captured, and once it’s ready, export it over to Artec Studio software.

Last but not the least, Ray works with the largest objects you can think of, from airplanes to entire buildings. The scanner’s data capture accuracy is the best among the latest 3D scanning solutions in its respective category, delivering remarkably clean data and speeding up post-processing significantly.

All of the scanners integrate with Artec Studio 3D modeling software for data post-processing purposes. Depending on the user’s experience, Artec Studio provides both sophisticated and easy-to-use, intuitive tools for work. In addition, the platform exports models to external software apps, such as SOLIDWORKS, Geomagic Design X, and Control X. Come to our booth and speak with us about the software solutions we offer. We and our Gold Certified Partner Datadesign Co., Ltd. will be excited to meet you!

Looking forward to seeing you at DMS Nagoya!

Where: Booth 16-49, Hall 1, Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan

When: September 9-11, 2020