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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the new, complete range of Artec 3D top-of-the-line 3D scanning solutions at the Design Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions Expo 2018

| 3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063 (Tokyo, Japan)

Bringing together various kinds of IT solutions such as CAD, CAE, ERP, production systems and 3D solutions, Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS) is Japan's largest industrial exhibition, with over 2400 companies presenting their products and services under one roof. DMS appeals to a large amount of professionals specialising in product design and development, manufacturing, quality control, R&D and many others, who are looking for inventive and efficient solutions for their businesses. A great place for networking with the industry’s best players and fellow peers, as well as gaining valuable tech insight, this event is definitely not to be missed.

While visiting the expo make sure to stop by booth #E20-16 where the experts from Artec 3D will be showcasing the complete range of cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions together with our gold certified resellers-Datadesign – established experts in development and sales of IT engineering tools for manufacturers, including, CAD/CAM and CAE. Experience a one-on-one demo of all of our 3D scanners and find out which one is the best for you!

When choosing an all-round 3D scanning solution for industrial purposes, make sure to take a closer look at the newest Artec laser 3D scanner Ray. This highly accurate, long-range laser 3D scanner is an optimal tool for capturing large objects, such as airplanes, trucks and wind turbines with metrological precision. Able to accurately 3D scan items from up to 110m away with submillimetre precision, this professional LIDAR solution is an optimal choice for multiple industrial applications.

If you are after a versatile, powerful and portable 3D scanner with a sleek design and loads of revolutionary features, look no further. The award-winning Artec Leo is our most comprehensive handheld 3D scanner, offering its users an absolutely new 3D scanning experience, with instant data processing on the inbuilt touch screen, wireless data transfer and an inbuilt battery, eliminating the need for a power source or connected laptop! Absolute freedom of 3D scanning and total control.

Another portable 3D scanning solution to be featured at the DMS exhibition is the Artec Space Spider, an industrial 3D scanner of metrological accuracy without the need for targets. Able to capture even the smallest details, this powerful 3D solution is extremely popular among CAD users and engineers for its ability to precisely capture even the most intricate details on the smallest objects, making it a perfect tool for reverse engineering and quality control!

You will also get a chance to see why Artec’s bestseller, Eva has become a legend and a favourite 3D scanner among thousands of users throughout the world. Widely used by industrial engineers, designers, doctors and many other experts for multiple applications, this lightweight and versatile white light 3D solution delivers accurate results each time without the need for targets or calibration.

All of Artec 3D scanners are designed to be compatible with the latest CAD and CAM software, such as the Geomagic Design X, Geomagic Freeform among many others. With a wide choice of available bundles, you are guaranteed to find the one that best suits your needs!

We are looking forward to seeing at the Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo in Tokyo!

When: June 20 – 22

Where: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan