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Digital Scan 3D to demo Artec scanners at High Desert Makers meetup


The largest makerspace in Central Oregon, the High Desert Maker Mill will be hosting a meetup on 3D scanning technologies, held by Digital Scan 3D, who sell Artec products and have installed Portland’s first Shapify Booth at the Washington Square Mall.

The High Desert Maker Mill opened in May to promote the Maker Movement, the popular resurgence of the do-it-yourself culture that encompasses a wide range of creative activities, from craftsmanship, metal and woodworking to 3D scanning and printing.

During the meetup, attendees will be able to learn about business applications of 3D scanning, including rapid prototyping, reverse engineering and animation, and see Artec 3D scanners Eva and Spider at work. Both scanners produce accurate scans in brilliant color no matter how complex the geometry and texture of the scanned object. Due to the larger field of view, Eva works best for medium-sized objects and Spider is the preferred choice when scanning smaller objects with many intricate details.

Where: High Desert Maker Mill, 213 SW Columbia St, Bend, Oregon, United States

When: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., August 10