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Artec’s cutting-edge 3D scanners to be featured at the 2018 Digital Heritage International Congress & Expo

| Marina Boulevard, San Francisco, CA, USA (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Digital Heritage International Congress & Expo is a global event featuring the latest in digital technology for documenting, conserving and sharing heritage. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see the most current solutions used to digitally preserve monuments, historic sites, art, libraries, and even whole museums!

Attracting heritage and digital professionals, artists, curators, engineers and executives from all over the world, the Digital Heritage conference also offers a brilliant learning and networking opportunity. The event will feature keynotes from the industry’s pros, including Artec 3D’s co-founder and COO Sergey Sukhovey, who will be giving a presentation on 3D scanning innovations in heritage preservation.  

To learn how Artec’s professional 3D scanning solutions can boost your workflow, save you time and money, make sure to stop by our booth at the event, where the Artec team, together with our experienced partners, Indicate Technologies Inc., will be demonstrating our professional 3D scanners.

During the expo, you will have a chance to discover our latest and most powerful 3D, scanner, Artec Leo. Make sure to try out this revolutionary solution to experience what the future of 3D scanning feels like. Equipped with a touchscreen, onboard data processing, and an inbuilt battery, this wireless device is the most intuitive professional 3d scanner on the market. Delivering professional results and yet incredibly easy to use, Leo is ideal for creating true-to-life digital replicas of monuments, digital reconstruction, training, and other science and education applications!

Another 3D scanner that is perfect for heritage preservation is the versatile Artec Eva. This popular 3D tool is widely used by archaeologists, artists, engineers, designers and many other professionals around the world. Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use, Eva won’t break the bank, but will deliver still outstanding results. Able to capture almost any surface, including those hard-to-scan ones, Eva is great for effortlessly creating virtual collections of pretty much anything as well as online museums and can be used for rapid prototyping, customized manufacturing and CGI. Also, Eva can easily be combined with a portable battery pack, ensuring hours of continuous 3D scanning, even out in the field.

The third professional 3D scanner to demoed at the Digital Heritage expo is the ultra-precise Space Spider. Originally developed specifically for the International Space Station, it is now widely used in numerous industries, including heritage preservation, architecture. Ideal for capturing small objects, multifaceted geometries and intricate details, Space Spider can reproduce complex objects with high resolution and metrological precision.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Digital Heritage 2018 International Congress and Expo!

Where: Fort Mason Center, Marina Boulevard, San Francisco, CA, USA

When: October 27-28