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Come see Artec 3D’s full lineup of scanners at CES 2020 in Las Vegas!

| South Hall 3, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, United States (Las Vegas, USA)

At last year’s CES Expo, 175,000 industry professionals attended and 4,500 companies participated — 307 of which were among 2018’s Fortune Global 500 companies. Media coverage of the event spanned 79 countries, regions, and territories. Expect all that and more at CES 2020, a global stage where some of the hottest technology and innovations are introduced to an international marketplace. With more than a thousand speakers lined up to address an audience of business leaders and innovators of today, the event is an ideal place for you to grow your business, develop your ideas, or begin your journey with some of the world’s newest and most exciting technologies.

Beyond cryptocurrency, self-driving cars, and 5G internet sustainability, another hot topic is 3D scanning, printing, and tech. Head over to booth 31509 to see firsthand how Artec 3D’s solutions can optimize your work and open up a world of possibilities, from your office to your home, across your industry and beyond.

We’ll have our entire range of 3D scanners ready to introduce to you. First of all, Artec Leo: the first handheld scanner that delivers onboard automatic processing. Besides providing an intuitive workflow that requires a minimum of training for you to get up and scanning, Leo lets you capture objects quickly and thoroughly. As you scan your object, you’ll see the 3D image being built in real time on Leo’s touch screen panel, so you can zoom in and check to see if you’ve captured everything, go over any areas missed, and scan objects faster than ever before. Artec Leo has pushed the bar higher on what to expect from a 3D scanner, and it’s been a hands-down favorite in fields such as industrial design, manufacturing, healthcare, CGI, e-Commerce, science and education, forensics, art, and beyond.

You’ll also have a chance to meet Artec Ray, the best option for precise color 3D scans of large objects — and we’re talking about wind turbines, ship propellers, planes, and even buildings. Better still, with Artec Ray you’ll get submillimeter distance precision and excellent accuracy. Noise levels are minimal, making post-processing a breeze, letting you take care of projects faster and easier than with other leading scanners, regardless of how large your object is.

Have a go with Artec Space Spider, a handheld 3D scanner that provides metrological accuracy and can thoroughly capture complex geometry, sharp edges, and thin ribs, making it a thumbs up choice for industrial design or anything you need high resolution color, impeccable detail, and unbeatable accuracy for. Best for industries such as reverse engineering, forensics, archaeology, quality control, and product design, Artec Space Spider delivers maximum accuracy and stunning high resolution scans in mere minutes. With its powerful temperature stabilization technology, Space Spider is unaffected by environmental conditions, ensuring solid, long-term repeatability. 

If you need to drop down into even more detail, have a look at Artec Micro, designed for digitally capturing dental objects, small parts, and jewelry in high-resolution color 3D. Artec Micro is all about ease of use and breathtaking precision. With a point accuracy of up to 10 microns in just one click, Micro will give you all the detail your project needs, and then some. Designed to rest comfortably on your desktop, this scanner will take your small-object scanning workflow to new heights of speed and accuracy.

It would be remiss of us to not mention Artec Eva, our most popular handheld color 3D scanner that’s light, fast, and versatile. Eva is easy to use and precise, which makes this scanner an essential addition across a wide range of industries and a constant favorite among experts worldwide. Black and shiny objects, usually difficult to scan, are no problem for Eva. This safe- and easy-to-use structured light solution lets you capture medium-sized objects of almost any kind and provides accurate data for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, prosthetics, 3D printing, and much more.

Ask us at the booth about prices, bundles, and the advantages of working with us for all your scanning needs. This year, we’ll have all of the above and more to share. Plus, be sure to stop by our Shapify Booth and experience for yourself how it can digitally capture you (or you with someone else!) in just 12 seconds.

See you at CES 2020!

Where: Booth 31509, South Hall 3, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, United States

When: January 7-10, 2020