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Why not choose 3D scanning as a future job? Artec 3D to inspire 8th graders at CareerSpark

| 201 SW Jefferson Ave, Peoria, IL, United States (Peoria, United States)

8th grade is a key moment in a young person’s life where they have to start thinking about their future and ponder what lies ahead. To help high-schoolers prepare for their future career paths, CareerSpark was designed to give them opportunities and hands-on experience in a nice, engaging framework. More than 4,600 kids from 77 different schools in the area will have a chance to meet and speak with professionals from a large range of industries, such as tourism, business, agriculture, public safety, as well as manufacturing and engineering.

This is where Exact Metrology, a certified Artec 3D partner, comes into play. Equipped with one of the most advanced professional handheld 3D scanners on the market, they will demonstrate the numerous possibilities of this technology, and do their best to inspire these young minds to pursue careers as specialists in 3D technologies.

The professional 3D scanner that the 8th graders will have in their hands is the renowned Artec Eva. This highly versatile device has it all: reliability, precision and ease of use. It shows how fast a high quality 3D model can be created in just a few simple steps. Eva is a perfect tool for scanning medium-sized objects, making it an excellent fit for manufacturing, reverse-engineering and surveying. Scanning pipes, machine parts or cars – even in difficult to access locations – is made easy thanks to the light, ergonomic body of the handheld scanner.

Thanks to Exact Metrology, thousands of young students will have this real opportunity to discover a high-tech career path that they might’ve never thought about otherwise!

When: October 8-9

Where: Peoria Civic Center, 201 SW Jefferson Ave, Peoria, IL, United States