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| NEC (National Exhibition Centre), North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT, United Kingdom (Birmingham, UK)

From 9 Jan. 2020, Autosport International will bring together industry professionals and motorsport enthusiasts for an introduction to the automotive sporting world. Participants will network, learn, listen, and explore as exhibitors from around the continent introduce attendees to bold new movements in the world of motor racing and machines. Visitors will get a front-row seat to the industry’s new developments and up-and-coming plans for the year ahead over four days at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Center (NEC). In 2019, social media reach for the event surpassed 3.5 million views on Facebook and 2.1 million on Instagram with an average annual attendance of 32,000 trade visitors and 63,000 public visitors. What more will this year have in store? We can’t wait to find out.

With exhibitors and speakers including household names and hosts including F1 race winner Charles Leclerc, visitors will also have direct access to an indoor racing track, the UK’s largest, and the opportunity to get up close with precision driving and stunt drivers.

From the lifestyle autosport entails to the technology that allows for today’s modern developments, both exhibitors and attendees will be able to immerse themselves into an event filled with everything they need to know about motorsport products and technology.

While you’re there, head over to booth E122 and meet our partners from Central Scanning. With a vast portfolio across various industries, Central Scanning also works closely within the automotive industry with services ranging from checking pre-production parts to restoring classic cars. Stop by their booth to see what else they’ve been up to with Artec Scanners, and how they can meet your own scanning needs, too.

Available at their booth will be Artec Eva, our most popular handheld color 3D scanner. Black and shiny objects – which one could rightly assume is a description that applies to many cars and their parts – is no issue for Eva. User friendly and precise, this handheld scanner is also light and fast, making it a constant favorite for experts worldwide across many industries, and incredibly well-suited to automotive scanning – scans of alloy wheels or exhaust systems, for example. Eva’s structured light solution is safe on any surface and its ease of use make it ideal for rapid prototyping and capturing precise measurements in high resolution.

For exceptional useability, we recommend you get to know Artec Leo. Leo is the first handheld scanner that comes with onboard automatic processing: with an intuitive workflow that lets you scan like a pro from the get-go, you can scan while seeing your item being built in real time on Leo’s touchscreen panel. Zoom in to see if you’ve captured everything, revisit any areas you might’ve missed, and have fun with the quick and easy scanning process. Especially highly regarded in fields such as industrial design and manufacturing, Leo is the scanner you’re looking for something fast, precise, and more mobile than ever before.

If you’re excited to meet Leo, we suggest spending some time with Artec Ray, too. There are few things you’ll need to scan that are too large for Ray to take on – and when we say large, we mean trucks, planes, and entire buildings. What Ray promises to capture in size and vastness, however, it doesn’t lack in precision. With your scan, you’ll get submillimeter precision and excellent accuracy. With minimal noise levels, post-processing is easy, no matter whether you’re scanning a passenger plane or a sports car.

If you’re in the market for capturing complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs – all attributes of small parts needed in industrial design and manufacturing – give Artec Space Spider a go. Promising unbeatable accuracy and outstanding detail, Space Spider provides an excellent solution for reverse engineering, quality control, and product design. What’s more, Space Spider comes with powerful temperature stabilization technology and is unaffected by environmental conditions. This ensures long-term repeatability, so the successful results of your scan can be replicated as many times as you need.

Have a chat with our partners Central Scanning for all that and more!

See you at Autosport International 2020.

Where: Booth E122, NEC (National Exhibition Centre), North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT, United Kingdom

When: January 9-12, 2020