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Artec scanners and Shapify Booth at Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo


Artec's two Japanese partners, DataDesign and OPT Technologies, will be demoing Artec Eva and Spider handheld scanners at the 26th Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo, Japan’s largest trade show featuring CAD, CAE, ERP, production systems and other IT and engineering solutions. The show expects to attract a total of 2,200 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors this year.

Artec 3D scanners are known for their unparalleled accuracy, speed and ease of use. Eva works best with medium-sized objects and Spider is the preferred choice for small objects with intricate details. Scans can be aligned and fused automatically on the go in Artec Studio 10, enabling you to see a 3D model being developed on a computer screen in real time.

Check out DataDesign's stand for our new scanner, L2, which was developed to be integrated into automatic scanning systems. You'll be able to see a set of four such scanners in action in a Shapify Booth, which DataDesign will be bringing to the show to do full-body 3D scans of anyone who'll want to try out the technology. It works as simply as this: you step into the booth, strike a pose for 12 seconds and let the L2 scanners fixed to a vertical rig go a full circle around you, making hundreds of shots. The scans will be then stitched together automatically and five minutes later you'll see your ready-to-print 3D image on a computer screen. Installed at a park, shopping mall, airport or any other venue with a heavy footfall, a Shapify Booth can capitalize on existing customer flows, attract new customers and ensure customers return to the venue to collect their 3D-printed figurine, a shapie. 

Where: East Hall 3-49 for DataDesign & East 4-37 for OPT, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan

When: June 24-26