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Artec 3D to present its best in class 3D scanning solutions at the AeroDef 2018 exhibition in Long Beach

| Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, USA (Long Beach, USA)

AeroDef is the annual meeting ground for the who’s who in the aerospace and defense manufacturing industry. Last year’s event attracted almost 1,700 experts from all corners of the world. This year’s hope is to reach for even higher numbers, showcase the latest achievements in aerospace and defense manufacturing, as well as continue the dialog on the future of the industry. The four days you’ll spend in Long Beach will include exhibitions, keynote speakers, panels, and endless conversations about industry-related challenges, public policy, and upcoming technological trends.

AeroDef’s mission has always been to provide a platform for innovation with the objective of cutting costs, accelerating production, and encouraging commercial competition around the globe. While the sheer variety of visitors and exhibitors is extensive, they all still share a competitive vision that makes AeroDef so dynamic. That, and the trade fair’s exposition floor, where smart solutions stop being ideas and become real-world applications.

Take this opportunity to acquaint yourself with Artec 3D’s digital imaging solutions. For those in the know, additive manufacturing and other 3D technologies have taken over the manufacturing landscape. Artec’s very own high-resolution, high-performance 3D scanners Eva and Space Spider are perfect for any phase of production. From reverse engineering, design and prototyping, measurement, casting, all the way down to quality control and defect detection during the post-production stages – Eva and Space Spider can be there, helping you automate through the stuff you basically don’t want to do. In the end, you recoup time, benefit from improved consistency, and eliminate the grunt work.

Don’t forget that Artec 3D partners up with software developers, such as SOLIDWORKS and Geomagic. These applications give you powerful tools to edit and design the 3D images you created with Eva or Space Spider. With the range of functionalities they possess, the level of control you want to exercise really depends on you. Regardless of the size, geometric intricacy, texture, and color of the object you’re scanning, Eva and Space Spider together with your software suite of choice can capture and process it all, quickly and seamlessly.

Come have a chat with Artec’s official reseller Rapid Scan 3D at AeroDef 2018! They’ll be displaying Artec Eva and Space Spider at the expo, answering your questions, and giving you tips on how to optimize production with Artec innovations.  

When: March 27-28

Where: Booth 1058, Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, USA