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3D Printing Colorado explores new technological heights with Artec at the Advanced Manufacturing Olympics 2020

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One of the good things about Advanced Manufacturing – and there are many – is how accessible and exciting it is to encounter both online and offline. Safely from our homes, it’s time to get set for the US Air Force’s inaugural Advanced Manufacturing Olympics!

Held online from Oct. 20-23, 2020, this first of its kind event will introduce you to four noteworthy days packed with the highest technology, excellent speakers, peer networking, and much more. Better still, it’s entirely free and you’re welcome to take part from wherever in the world you are, via either your desktop or mobile device. Expect new technology and insights from industry experts. This event will be of particular interest to government organizations and personnel, academia, small businesses, and startups.

In addition to a host of experts scheduled to speak at the event, you can also look forward to online training, a space to experiment and explore, discussions focused on technical challenges, as well as a virtual expo.

Box of Parts Challenge

More highlights of this event are challenges where participants are tasked with stretching the limits of technology, manufacturing, engineering, and design. As 3D scanning and printing grow and develop, providing increasingly outstanding and customizable solutions, products and services that are both better and faster, the challenge now is this: to demonstrate how 3D scanning and printing can be used to reengineer a part accurately, and without an existing plan.

With prizes ranging from $40,000 to $100,000, the competition is fierce and the stakes are high. We’ve got our eyes set on Artec Gold Certified partner 3D Printing Colorado, who, using only Artec scanners (and some really cool robotic arms!), scanned and reverse engineered a box of parts for the challenge. With their submissions, the team has already made it into the top 10, from a field of hundreds of companies and universities throughout the United States.

Find out more here, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Register for this online event here.

What: The Air Force’s inaugural Advanced Manufacturing Olympics

When: Oct. 20-23, 2020