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3D scanning provides modern solutions in an expanding aerospace industry

| Lynnwood Convention Center, Seattle, United States (Seattle, United States)

What does 3D scanning have to do with planes? Just about everything.

As aerospace expands and develops like never before, the 3D scanning industry keeps pace and blazes ahead, providing solutions to aerospace’s rapidly growing need for modern technology.

From February 3 – 6, Artec certified partner Indicate Technologies will join over 650 influential leaders in the aerospace industry to demonstrate the potential of reverse engineering and solutions for advanced manufacturing.

Organized by Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA), the ADVANCE Annual Aerospace Conference is known for presenting a host of dynamic speakers and innovators coming from over 30 states and almost a dozen countries outside the U.S. At ADVANCE 2020, attendees will be able to network, gain insights from market leaders, and learn all about new and expanding technologies. This year’s event will welcome industry analysts, keynote speakers, exhibitors, and a global audience ready for the next step forward.

Get acquainted with Indicate Technologies, who will be ready to introduce you to Artec Eva, our most popular handheld color 3D scanner. Eva’s precision makes the scanner a perfect fit for aerospace and automotive scanning – to add to that, shiny surfaces are no match for Eva. This user-friendly structured light scanner is safe anywhere, from glossy exteriors to mechanical interiors. Eva is also easy to use, which makes it ideal for rapid prototyping and capturing precise measurements in high resolution.

For easier scanning still and onboard automatic processing of 3D scans, we suggest you give Artec Leo a try. Leo is the first handheld scanner that allows you to see your scan being built in real-time. Missed a spot? With Leo you can instantly revisit any areas that need to be scanned again; with a touchscreen panel you can zoom in to see that you’ve got everything just right. This makes Leo especially handy for industrial design and manufacturing. Fast, precise and incredibly mobile, Leo’s the scanner of choice if you’re after a more intuitive workflow and better, faster results.

As with many large machines made up of thousands of parts that require absolute precision, you often need to zoom in on the details; complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs are what Artec Space Spider was made for. You’re assured of unbeatable accuracy, outstanding detail, and a perfect solution for reverse engineering, quality control, and product design. Unaffected by environmental conditions, Space Spider is ideal for long-term repeatability – when it comes to quality control, this means that successful results of your scan can be replicated as many times as you need.

The conference last year was hailed as PNAA’s largest and best conference yet; we can’t wait to see what this year brings.

See you at  ADVANCE 2020!

What: 19th Annual Aerospace Conference ADVANCE 2020

Where: Booth 5, Lynnwood Convention Center, Seattle, United States

When: February 3-6, 2020