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Artec Eva, Space Spider and Shapify Booth at Adobe MAX creativity conference

| San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, United States (San Diego, United States)

The world’s premier creativity conference, Adobe MAX is an awe-inspiring mashup of over 9,000 of the world’s top creatives and best-in-the-business experts who come together to learn, share, create, connect and play. Sessions, labs, and creativity workshops are where you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to stay competitive and the inspiration you need to create your best work.

Come to Artec's stand at MAX to check out  Artec Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners, used extensively in the movie and gaming industries to create the most sophisticated animation. Either scanner can capture the geometry and texture of real-world objects with utmost precision. The data is handled by Artec Studio 11, an intuitive program equipped with an array of tools to make the creation of an accurate 3D model a walk in the park. You can choose to process your data in the Autopilot mode or do it manually to control each step. In either case, the result will be brilliant!

Along with demoing the handheld scanning solutions, we'll making full-color 3D portraits of attendees in Artec Shapify Booth that can be turned into a 3D-printed statuette, an exact mini-copy of the person. All you need to do to make a 3D portrait, also called shapie, is step inside the Shapify Booth, strike a pose and hold still for 12 seconds, letting four 3D scanners make a full circle around you to scan you from all angles. Five minutes later you’ll be shown a preview of your 3D portrait. Another 15 minutes – and your printable model file is ready.

Order a print to have your figurine delivered to you in a few weeks’ time. Depending on the size, figurine prices range from $169 (S size: 6"/15cm) to $219 (M: 7.5"/19cm) and $299 (L: 9"/23cm). Delivery is $35. You can download your 3D model from the Shapify.me website for $40. 3D portraits can also be shared on Facebook – every person scanned in the Shapify Booth will receive a free preview of their shapie by email so they can embed it in a Facebook post.

Where: Booth 114, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, United States

When: November 2-4