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What: Free webinar 3D Scanning Small Objects with Amazing Results
When: Thursday, March 18 at 1 pm EST | 10 am PST
Where: Online

Any professionals who are aiming for better results and accelerating their 3D scanning process, as well as choosing a 3D scanner for capturing small objects, are welcome to join the webinar “3D Scanning Small Objects with Amazing Results” from Artec 3D Ambassador GoMeasure3D.

One of the greatest challenges commonly faced in 3D scanning is capturing tiny objects (such as small machine parts, artifacts, fossils, dental casts, gears, or jewelry). In this webinar, the ways to achieve ultra-high precision results when scanning small objects will be covered with Artec Micro and Artec Space Spider – two 3D scanners that are ideal for this task.

In addition, several relevant issues that you will need to deal with when trying to create an accurate and detail-rich 3D model – such as how small of an object you can really scan, the ways in which accuracy and resolution are different, or how not to lose tracking when scanning a small object – will also be discussed. Another valuable part of the webinar is a live Q&A session with scanning experts from GoMeasure3D to address any remaining questions.

Chosen for the purpose of demonstrating selected best practices for scanning small objects, Artec Micro and Artec Space Spider are two industry favorites of engineers everywhere. Micro, a fully-automated desktop 3D scanner, captures tiny objects in all their glory, with a mere click. Widely used for reverse engineering small objects, as well as in quality control, inspection, dentistry, jewelry, and design, this stationary scanner boasts an accuracy of up to 10 microns.

An outstandingly precise tool in its own right, Artec Space Spider is universally acclaimed by CAD users and engineers. This high-resolution handheld 3D scanner is based on blue-light technology, and is capable of perfectly capturing small objects or the fine details of large industrial objects in submillimeter 3D color. Space Spider is exceptionally good for intricate geometries and sharp edges, which makes it an excellent industrial 3D scanner.