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Webinar: Scan processing with Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

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What: Webinar “Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS – Scan Processing and Deviation Control” by Artec 3D Partner 3D Master
When: April 8, 1 pm UTC +2
Where: Online
Language: Polish

If you’d like to learn more about how to transform 3D scans into editable CAD objects in SOLIDWORKS, make sure to join the free webinar Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS – scan processing and deviation control hosted on Thursday, April 8, by Artec 3D’s Ambassador in Poland, 3D Master.

During the webinar, 3D scanning experts from 3D Master will demonstrate the step-by-step workflow of processing a sample scan project: turning data captured with Artec Space Spider into a CAD model with the Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS plugin. You’ll learn how to align the mesh to the CAD coordinate system using the Regions function, as well as inspect the accuracy of the 3D model by using Deviation Analysis and many other useful scan-to-CAD tools.

During this webinar, you’ll get to know Artec Space Spider, an industrial-grade handheld 3D scanner designed to capture small parts and objects, even those with complex geometries, with steadfast accuracy, brilliant color, and ultra-high precision. CAD specialists, engineers, product designers, and many other professionals rely on Space Spider in spheres such as reverse engineering, quality control, and manufacturing.

You’ll also learn firsthand about SOLIDWORKS, a widely acclaimed CAD software used by professionals in various industries and for various applications, including reverse engineering, industrial design, rapid prototyping, and more. Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS is a reverse engineering software toolset that plugs into your SOLIDWORKS environment, injecting your design process with powerful, time-saving capabilities like never before.

Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS can be purchased alone or as one of Artec 3D’s specially-priced bundles through an authorized Artec 3D reseller, such as 3D Master. If you are in Poland, you can schedule an online or in-person demo of any of Artec’s products, as well as the Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plugin, with 3D Master’s experts here.

Join the webinar and see how you can create professional 3D models in one seamless workflow using an Artec scanner and today’s best 3D engineering software!