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Discover innovation in 3D modeling and design with Artec at 3D Experience World 2020

| Music City Center, 201 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN, USA (Nashville, TN, USA)

3D Experience Conference invites specialists from around the globe to plunge into the world of innovation in 3D modeling and design on February 9-12, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. Inspired by the latest developments in computer-based modeling, new solutions and platforms emerge, facilitating exciting creations within the fields of science, manufacturing, business, aerospace, and beyond. At this event, entrepreneurs, engineers, business leaders, scientists, and designers will come together to meet, learn, and collaborate, while partner companies will showcase their cutting-edge solutions that address the most challenging problems in the industry. 

Artec 3D will be at the conference, demonstrating the company’s full line of 3D scanners designed for digitally capturing objects of all shapes, sizes, and surfaces. In comparison with other methods of 3D data capture, 3D scanners provide faster speeds, higher levels of precision, and lower overall costs. Professional 3D scanners can create 3D models of a wide variety of objects, with breathtaking levels of resolution and precision. This technology has seen widespread use in healthcare, reverse engineering, film production, computer-human interaction research, and many other industrial and scientific areas.

Be sure to stop by the booth and see firsthand any or all of the following Artec 3D scanners and solutions: Ray, Leo, Eva, Space Spider, Micro, Turntable, and Artec Studio software.

Artec Ray is a long-range LiDAR scanner created for capturing large-scale objects from wind turbines on up to airplanes and buildings. The data capture from this laser is noticeably cleaner compared to other scanners in its class, due to Ray’s high-level angular accuracy and submillimeter distance precision.

Artec Leo is the fastest professional handheld color 3D scanner on the market today. It allows a user to observe and rotate the 3D image on the rear touchscreen display in real time. Many of Leo’s in-built features make the scanning process as simple as a push of a button. The scanner can accurately scan medium-sized and large objects up to the size of a car, due to its large field of view. Artec Leo has been successfully used in the fields of automotive manufacturing, architecture, and elsewhere. Leo’s scanning technology is based on structured laser light.

Artec Space Spider is a high-resolution color 3D scanner, designed to capture small objects or intricate details of larger objects. Space Spider also provides the user with stunning accuracy, vivid color capture, and the ability to perform at its best in fluctuating environmental conditions. The scanner can capture the most difficult object geometries precisely. Augmented by a portable battery, this compact scanner delivers an autonomous scanning experience for up to 6 hours. Artec Space Spider has been used in prosthetics, surgical applications, the automotive industry, manufacturing, science, education, art, etc.

Artec Eva is a lightweight, fast, and versatile handheld scanner, ideal for scanning medium-sized objects. It scans quickly and captures precise measurements in high resolution color 3D. Eva has been a market leader among handheld 3D scanners due to its capturing capabilities, ease of use, and ability to create 3D models of almost any kind, including body parts and items with shiny or black surfaces.

Artec Micro is an ultra-high precision desktop scanner, developed to capture objects of the smallest sizes. This scanner does all the work for the user. You simply need to place the object onto the rotating platform, fix it in place, and scan with the push of a button. Artec Studio integrates with Micro for simple, stress-free data processing. Artec Micro is ideal for small-scale scanning tasks in such fields as dentistry, jewelry manufacturing, reverse engineering, and others.

Artec TurnTable is a smart, automated rotating platform that’s handy when you’re scanning small objects with Artec Space Spider. The platform integrates both with Artec Studio software and with the scanner itself. If tracking is lost at any time during scanning, TurnTable simply pauses, rotates back about 15 degrees, and then continues again once tracking has been regained.

Artec Studio software integrates with Artec scanners for post-processing scans and creating 3D models. Studio’s main function is to register the 3D scans and build the final 3D model of the object. For working with your scans, Studio has a wide spectrum of capabilities. For example, it includes tools for 3D model editing and a range of flexible settings for 3D model compilation, everything to suit the preferences of beginners and scanning pros alike.

We look forward to meeting you in person at our booth and will be happy to speak with you about how our products can meet your professional 3D scanning needs.

When: February 9-12, 2020

Where: Booth 310, Music City Center, 201 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN, USA