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Natalia Kivolya

From 2016 to 2019, Natalia Kivolya thrived on getting to know the ins and outs of 3D scanning, and writing all about them. Natasha was especially keen on sharing her knowledge with the world, and making technical information accessible, and enjoyable — most notably in the form of guides on how 3D scanning works, for example, or how to select the right scanner for your line of work.

Having lived in Switzerland and England for 15 years, learning new languages and technologies comes easily to Natasha — she speaks four languages and studied marketing in university. It is this combination of skills that made her a great fit for the Artec team, where she dived deep into the technical aspects of the industry to create some excellent content.

If Natasha were to describe a good day, she’d likely detail the pleasures of being curled up with a good book, exploring psychology, pondering spirituality, or simply finding a quiet place to rest while off on a long walk. While she absolutely loves good music and meditation to soothe her soul, in her free time you’re just as likely to find Natasha rocking out at a karaoke bar.

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How does 3D scanning technology work?

Starting out in the world of 3D scanning can be intimidating, but everything becomes clear once you take a moment to understand the technology behind it. From your own eyes (the original scanner!) to the latest 3D scanner on the market, here’s how it all works!

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Selecting the right 3D scanners for successful 3D printing

When it comes to 3D printing, software is often just as important as hardware. Here’s a look at which 3D scanners work best for 3D printing, and how you can get started.

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What are 3D scanners used for?

3D scanning is now more popular than ever, and businesses all over the world are embracing this versatile technology to boost productivity, eliminate unnecessary costs, and create new and exciting products and services.

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How to 3D scan an object with a portable structured light scanner

When using a structured-light 3D scanner, there are certain rules and factors every professional should know.

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How to choose a 3D scanner

Looking for a professional 3D scanner for an upcoming project or an existing task? We know how hard it can be to find the solution best suited to your project.