Artec Eva has long been the scanner of choice for small- to medium-sized objects, and just a quick look around in our 3D model collection and case studies will reveal a plethora of ways Eva has come through for all sorts of objects, tasks, and purposes. With the new version of Artec Studio — AS15 — Eva has leveled up with the new HD Mode, made for super sharp, detailed, and clean scans. If it was previously thought that you could scan just about any object with Eva, let’s have a look at what more can be done now.

Fine lines and sharp edges have always been tricky to scan but with the new HD Mode, those difficult areas are hardly the challenge they used to be. Add something that’s in black and with various small details that can’t be missed to the mix, and you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands. Now, such objects are scanned just as quickly — no extra steps required — and with the option of processing hard-to-reach areas, and with minimal noise for a final result that’s cleaner, sharper, more detailed, and as close as possible to the original item.

Have a good look around this tripod as you zoom in, turn it around, explore every corner, and consider the options that, with AS15, are now available to you as well.

Scanning time: 
8 minutes
HD reconstruction time: 
6 minutes
Processing time: 
15 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [39.71 MB]
STL [76.02 MB]
PLY [31.89 MB]
WRL [55.06 MB]