Small object — big challenge. How do you capture the thread of this 10 mm long screw using a 3D scanner? Repetitive geometry has puzzled many of them. The scanner that holds the solution for this kind of task is Artec Micro. Micro recommends coating the screw with matting spray — you don’t want to deal with those shiny parts of the surface post-scan, do you? — Then simply mount the screw on the scanner’s rotating platform and click «Start» in Artec Studio software. Once the scanning session is over, just flip the screw over and launch scanning session 2 of 2. That’s really all it takes!

Scanning time: 
approx. 10 minutes
Processing time: 
approx. 7 minutes
Download 3D model:
OBJ [4.58 MB]
STL [10.03 MB]
PLY [4.37 MB]
WRL [6.75 MB]