Mr. Wilson, aka "Bamboozle"

Wilson, a 7-year-old Ivory Lab, is very food-motivated. Without an ample supply of treats, this scan wouldn’t have happened. After significant coaxing, Wilson perched himself atop a cozy ottoman. This allowed for 30 seconds of relative stillness, to enable 3D scanning from all sides, top, and bottom. From start to finish, Wilson stared at the soon-to-be-given treat. It was important to raise and lower the scanner quickly while moving, resulting in a sine-wave-shaped path the scanner took around him, ensuring the fastest, most complete scan. Processing required only a few corrections for motion, about the same as for a human body scan. Then, the ottoman was scanned by itself and merged with the Wilson scan into one model. Some texture errors arose due to Wilson’s bodyweight compressing the shape of the ottoman. For future scans, a solid platform is suggested, to avoid shape compression and deformation. Such a platform or stool should have a non-slip surface, to keep energetic little paws more firmly in place.

Scanning time: 
30 seconds
Processing time: 
<1 hour