Motorcycle wheel HD

When it comes to scanning an object like a motorcycle wheel, there are several factors that pose a challenge. Firstly, some parts are likely to be shiny. Other parts are black. And other parts still are definitely thin, with lots of sharp edges, too. Add rims, valves, spokes, and other smaller details, and you’ve got a significant scanning challenge on your hands. On top of that, there will certainly be areas that are hard to reach, parts that are inaccessible, and angles that are tricky to scan.

With Artec Studio’s AI-powered HD mode, these challenges become far easier to manage, and in this case have led to a 3D model that accurately captures areas hard to reach, objects that are thin, and in high resolution, too.

Scanned with Artec Eva, two common scanning challenges were overcome: Black surfaces, and shiny objects. You’ll notice that the fine threads of the wheels are sharp, while the tires show detailed geometry. You can also see that the cylinder in the middle of the wheel is captured in its entirety. When scanning, there’s also minimal noise, which allows for a cleaner scan. This is all due to the upgrade that High Definition mode allows.

Have a look around the 3D model: turn it around and observe every angle, zoom in and inspect the fine details so accurately captured. The combination of Eva and HD has led to this stunning 3D model – and one that’s as close as can be to the original wheel.

Download 3D model:
OBJ [42.04 MB]
STL [89.04 MB]
PLY [35.13 MB]
WRL [57.51 MB]