This motorcycle was scanned with both Eva and Space Spider. Eva allowed for fast and easy acquisition of the overall shape, while Space Spider was used to scan the intricate geometry of the wheels and the sides. We first sprayed the bike with anti-gloss spray. The seat and gas tank had no features, but we stuck a couple of pieces of masking tape to them and that was enough to ensure stable. We didn’t have to add an extra features to the parts we scanned with Space Spider since all of these mechanical parts had rich geometry. There were a lot of these parts though and the shapes were quite complex, consequently it took quite a long time to scan them all. One of the highlights of the scanning was the bike chain: due to its thin and repetitive shape, we expected it to be a challenging object, but Spider’s scanning depth was deep enough to capture the background behind it.

Scanning time: 
Eva: 15 min. Space Spider: 1,5 hours
Processing time: 
30 minutes for Eva data only, 3,5 hours for both Eva and Spider data
Download 3D model:
OBJ [47.07 MB]
PLY [31.7 MB]